ISA'nın aktiviteleri nedir? What is ISA up to? تعرف على فاعليات جمعية المدارس الدولية بتركيا
Launching Event

The first international conference of its kind in Istanbul

International Schools' Association

International Schools’ Association (ISA) , is a collaborative effort of a group of schools coming together for the betterment, growth, and development of education in Turkey.
Created with the objective of forming a bridge between the governmental education policies and schools, ISA works as a watchdog for monitoring educational standards, implementation of policies, organizing resources, raising issues among schools and seeking to correct the approach of all member schools towards education and its delivery with direct and indirect effect on students, educators, parents and other stake holders.

Academic Directors Quality Assurance

The Association working hand in hand with group of Istanbul's Schools Academic Directors on the project of evaluating our the academic needs for next year 2022/2023. Currently involved in workshops with the three major curriculum providers HMH, McGrawHill, and Pearson in addition to The Department of Education in the US state; discussing academic decision making procedures on a criteria based standards.

What we have been up to .. having fun while learning!

Current Members