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Learning for life | تعلم من أجل الحياة | Yaşam İçİn Öğrenİm

Learning for Life

“Reforming the future with our children’s hands”
For the first time in Istanbul “Learning for Life” International forum with various activities.

لأول مرة في إسطنبول "تعلم من أجل الحياة" ملتقى عالمي متعدد النشاطات
إعادة تشكيل المستقبل بسواعد الحاضر

Istanbul’da ilk defa “Yaşam için Öğrenim” Uluslararası Etkinlikli Konferans
Bugünün yardımıyla geleceği yeniden şekillendirmek

Panel discussion

Panel discussion with the educational figure Dr. Jasem Al Mutawa entitled "Family's role in Education reformation"


focusing on “How to Prepare the Next Generation for the Future with the American Educational Expert Roswitha Schiel

Awarding Ceremony

Awarding Ceremony for outstanding students in recent Quran, Sports, and Art Competitions.


Accompanying universities Uni-Fair with the participation of the most well known 15 universities in Turkey offering scholarships and special career path counseling


Entertainment concerts with Humood Al Khudhor and Mohamed Kendo

Art Fair

An Exhibition of more than 60 art crafts and paints of more than 6 Schools' student

Watch Learning for Life's story
Avenue Pullman Hotel, Istanbul
Date February 13, Sunday, 2022



Students, parents, educators and educational services providers in one place


First International Universities fair of its kind offering special scholarships for ISA students



Turkey's largest international Schools


Student Award

Students honored for their excellence in different fields

Art Exhibition

60 Artistic work varying between handcrafted projects and painted tableaux in one place celebrating our students' accomplishment and offering them to be perpetuated at their new homes


Universities fair is a great chance for our students to consider their next step among various offers from almost 20 public and private universities from all over the world. Universities presenters are here to give more information about your future opportunities.


We recognize our success partners

Planning and carrying on the first international educational entertaining conference in Turkey with our, bringing together the experiences and efforts of leaders of different fields.

Participant Universities

Participant Schools

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