Every natural and legal person; who is a shareholder and representing one of the schools following an English language system in Turkey; adopts the aims and principles of the association; accepts to work in this direction; meets the conditions stipulated by the legislation, is eligible to become a member of this association. In addition, educators, teachers, leaders and other individuals who are interested in the field of learning and education can apply to become a member.

Are you a a member of an educational faculty in an international school, and interested in our Educators Membership Program? 

First General Assembly Meeting - 4th August 2022

Are you eligible for joining the association's first general assembly?

Working together on the daily requires each institution to let the greater good of the team's work surface above their own benefit. It's important to stay detail oriented with every step we take.

General assembly is the highest authorization organ of the association; it comprises members registered in the association. The general assembly meetings are held at times indicated in the by-laws of the association upon call of the board of directors.

As per to the Article 68 of TCC, It is a basic principle to grant equal rights to the members of an association. The association may neither make discrimination among their members in respect of language, race, color, sex, religion, sect, lineage, society and class nor may adopt any behavior deteriorating the balance between the members. Every member has the right to participate in the activities and administration of the association. Every member entitled to a voting right in the general assembly; the member is obliged to use his/her vote personally. Honorable members may not have voting right.

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ARe you an international School?

Every English-language-teahcing International school based in Turkey is invited to join our collaborative efforts to coordinate with MEB for the best of our International educational community in Turkey. Joining the association that is first of its kind is a value-added to the school and its faculty as it secures them a a place in the first line of pioneers in the eyes of the government, as well as parents who are seeking validation and accreditation. The association has clear legal charter that ensures the smoothness of on-boarding process, and interactions between different shareholders.

Membership Process

Step by step

Step 1. Application

Fill in membership application with initial information about your organization and contact.

Step 2. Requirements

Prepare legal requested documentation requirementsto complete your membership.

Step 3. Change
After filing required documents and approval of the board, you're now ready to lead your community towards the future!
Legally Established in December 2021, bringing together 15 years of Istanbul's largest international schools' experiences for the best of our families and educators.

Step 1. Application

ARe you an educator?

Real persons or legal entities who have the capacity to act, whose association membership is not prohibited, who are the founders of schools providing international education in a foreign language in Turkey, natural person shareholders of the founding legal entities, and real persons who are education personnel have the right to become a member of the association. Our Educators NGO Membership model is along term method to gain extra donations on a regular basis in the form of membership fees. At the same time it strengthens the trust and involvement of the supporters in the organization.In return, the members get better insights, access to events, and the right to exclusive benefits. It is one of 4 models known in nonprofit organizations. In this model, the focus is not on raising money, but on building a strong network of supporters. Therefore, the membership is kept quite low, and in our case totally free. for the first year.

Membership Process

Step by step

Step 1. Application

Fill in membership application and state how you can benefit and add to the association.

Step 2. Acceptance

Verifying the identity and having the approval by the board of the ISA or the General Manager

Be ready to accept our invitation to the online platform where you can interact and collaborate with colleague educators!
The sign up process is quite user-friendly and takes less than 5 minutes. First, the nominee is required to fill out the online form below with limited information needed. Second, after verification of identity and acceptance, the membership program is managed through a devoted platform. The member will be invited to the online community within 7 days of acceptance.

Step 1. Application

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