Perhaps education at its essence is the process of preparing individuals to be successful in their communities. Success is not only doing one’s expected role perfectly, but rather having an effective proactive role in driving his own community towards a better future.
Hold on! Have you been noticing the accelerated changes the world around us is experiencing? I wonder whether we are capable of keeping up with the trends and crises that have been storming our planet? Well, someone could say: Let the mission of education focus on providing the people of the future with the tools needed to face their age’s challenges, and solving its problems! Really?!
Again, hold on! How do we prepare them for a future in which almost everything is changing every couple of days? How do we qualify them for challenges we are not aware of, challenges that specialists can’t perceive at the moment, not to mention coming up with a solution for! The latest pandemic is an ideal example as we see. How do we train them on jobs that are, according to studies, yet to come to existence?
Therefore, do you think we still need the same educational systems that existed for more than 250 years without any slight change even in the way students sit in classes?
How come we dream of facing the unknown whereas we can not cope with the dynamicity of the present?
Indeed it is a matter that requires us to prepare ourselves and unite our efforts.
For this very purpose, the idea of this event has emerged as a red flag. There’s no other way but to stand up and figure out how we are going to reform the future that we see in our kids’ eyes. We are obliged to redefine the mission of education, and to deeply understand the role we must carry out as the priority of the time being.
Here we are; “Learning for Life” event, as the first outcome of ISA; International Schools’ Association, in the Middle East
For the families who are saving no effort, money, or time on the search for the right path.. For the apples of our eyes who spend most of their time around educational institutions hoping that they’ll grow into the right way. Despite having no idea about what awaits them in the future.
For the carriers of the sacred mission of messengers who are overwhelmed by the challenges of a career that’s underestimated and less likely to be appreciated for its challenges.
For a nation anticipating an underlying renaissance, and an inherited glory, in a world that only pushes the rich to become richer, and the poor to become poorer.
For all of that we embark on a thousand-mile journey towards creating the life our children deserve -even if we ourselves don’t get a chance to witness it.
Let’s all join hands to “Learn for Life” with endless faith that those who do righteous deeds shall suffer not their wages to be wasted.